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Right to Life Upcoming Events 1/14/2019 - 1/20/2019

Brothers Knights,


As Knights we have always supported Respect Life issues.  This month is a month where we can show our support with the outward signs of our inward convictions by participation.  Roe vs. Wade (1973) Supreme Court decision change our country by making abortions legal.  It did not make abortions right or moral.  Our progressive society has made their best efforts to not only make us think that abortion is normal, right and moral but that the science showing when life begins is debatable.  It is not.  Life begins at conception, that’s the truth of it. 


So as Knights, with our Families, let us go out into the world and be visible outward signs of our full support for this Respect Life Issue, the ending of abortion.  You have heard it said before, but I will say it again ‘without the right to life there are no other rights.’   


First Outward Sign

U.S. Bishop’s Committee on Pro-Life Actives is sponsoring the Nine Days for Life Campaign from Jan. 14-22.  To participate in this Novena just go to and Join the 9 Days for Life.  Enter your Email Address, Name, your Home Diocese and accept and you will receive the Novena and take part.


Second Outward Sign

Hearts for Life Adult Pro-Life Conference Saturday 1/19/2019 5 pm – Sunday 1/20/2019 at the St. John Center, Little Rock

This is a discussion of timely pro-life issues, three speakers, prayer, adoration and fellowship.  There is a cost of $20.00 per person and includes Saturday Dinner and Sunday Breakfast.  Call Ms. Catherine Phillips at 501-664-0340 ext. 326 or email her at


Third Outward Sign

Eucharistic Procession for Life Saturday 1/20/2019 10 a.m.

This will start at the Doubletree Hotel and proceed through Riverfront Park and end at Robinson Center Performance Theater in downtown Little Rock.  I am looking for this.  I have never participated in a Eucharistic Procession.  If you would like to take part in the Eucharistic Procession, just show up at the Doubletree about 9:30 am.


Fourth Outward Sign

Mass for Life Sunday 1/20/2019 Noon at the Robinson Center Performance Theater.  Our Bishop Anthony B. Taylor will be the presider.   The Eucharistic Procession ends in front of the Robinson.   Attending Mass with the intention being for Life cannot get a greater outward sign.


Fifth Outward Sign

Attending the March for Life on Sunday 1/20/2019 at 2 P.M.  The pre-march gathering area is the far west parking lot from the State Capitol (Wolfe St. and W. Capitol Ave.).  The march is short, from the west parking lot to the front of the capitol building (about ¼ of a mile).  Politicians, Pastors, and Guest Speaker will give us some encouragement.  Respect Life Arkansas will pass a bucket for donations.  The March and the Speakers will take about 1 Hour to 1 ½ Hours. 


Brothers Knights, here are five great opportunities for you and your families to give witness as outward signs of your inward convictions.  Please do one, two or all five.  See you there.


Mary and Dale Flamand

Arkansas State Council

Culture of Life Chair Couple



Pope Asks for Prayers

Pope Frances has asked all Catholics in Italy to pray the Rosary today (the feast of St.Joseph) at 9pm. That is 3pm our time if you are able to join with them.

Membership Dues are now DUE

Dear Knights,

Your annual membership dues are now due. Please bring $35.00 to the next meeting or mail them to 7221 W 17th St. / Little Rock, AR 72204. Thank you for your cooperation in this very important item.