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2020 - Cash Calendar Rules

2020 - Cash Calendar Rules


Council 5073 is marketing the 2019 Cash Calendars to raise critical funds for the community charities the council supports.


Please see the attached document for any questions as it applies to the calendar.


If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at:


Thank you for your continued support.

Enrollment in Partners For Life Canada Blood Services + Council 5073

Partners For Life Program


Each year, the Canada Blood Services - Partners for Life Program collects nearly 200,000 pints of blood in Canada each year.


Proudly, Council 5073 is now part of this program.


All are encouraged to participate in this program, by giving – we give back in such a great way back to our community.


The need is great and the impact of 1 donation had a huge impact.


It takes many donors to help save a life:


- up to 50 donors to help save just 1 person seriously hurt in a car crash,

- up to 5 donors to save someone who needs cardiovascular surgery, and

- up to 8 donors a week to help someone going through treatment for leukemia.


It is simple, when you donate give the Council 5073 partner number:




You can also register online as well by registering at:


Donations can be made locally at:


Burlington Power Centre South

1250 Brant Street

Burlington, Ontario

L7P 1X8


Blood is in you to give.

47th (2019) Annual Knights of Columbus - Basketball Free Throw

2019 Ontario State Basketball Free Throw Results


On February 16, the Burlington Knights of Columbus hosted its 47th Basketball Free Throw Competition. It was held at Assumption-North High School (formerly Pearson High School). 


Thirty Knights from District 62 in Burlington worked together for this event.


On behalf of the Basketball Free Throw Committee our thanks goes out to all those who helped make this event successful. Without your involvement we could not make this happen. 


A special thanks to Br. Ken Fleming from the Holy Rosary Council for doing an excellent job organizing the Knights of Columbus this year’s Basketball Free Throw event. It is no small feat coordinating four Councils, half a dozen dignitaries, 50 schools, 300 students and approximately 50 Special Olympians.


Throw in a snow storm and successfully reschedule everything two weeks later deserves a tip of the hat to him. Burlington is now considered a District (separate from Oakville).


New this year was the District level event being run at the same time. The four winners of our Council level event then shot an additional 25 baskets, the winner of which would then compete at the Regional basketball competition next week in Waterloo.


The Prize for the winner of our District event is a basketball with the Knights of Columbus logo on it. This is new to the Basketball Free Throw event and I believe this prize will be eagerly sought after for years to come.


Please see attached file for the 2019 - Ontario State Free Throw Results 


Request For Volunteers For Bingo - Council 5073

Our single largest fund raiser over the course of the calendar year that we have is our association and involvement with the Bingo Connection located at 484 Plains Road in Burlington.


The details of the 3 Bingos that we are involved in are as follows:


Twilight Bingo

- Held every 2nd Thursday of the month


Midnight Bingo

- Held every other Tuesday of the month from 9 PM to 12 AM


Matinee Bingo

- Held every other Wednesday of the month from 11 AM to 1 PM


As noted, bingos are a major and ongoing fund raiser for the charities that our council supports.


We are always in need of volunteers to assist at both sessions and with the timing what it is, the ideal help that we can easily reach out to, are our retired Brothers.


Any volunteer assistance that is given is most appreciated and volunteers don’t have to be Knights, a spouse, family member and adult volunteer would be appreciated.


Like any work we do, if we can get enough people involved, it will ease the work load so that no one or small group of individuals are left with a significant work load.


Please contact Brother Mario Colaianni or Brother Jude Malone or any member of your Parish Round Table Team for further details and information.