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June 30, 2020
Our Dad age 94 received a form 1099R from the K of C to file his 2019 Federal Income taxes.

After filing and paying his 2019 taxes, he noticed the significant amount in taxes he paid in 2019 compared to 2018. Following some investigation, we learned that the 1099R was related to a life insurance policy that was surrendered in 2019.

We reached out to his agent Joe DeMarco who had originally provided the surrender value which provided input for our decision to surrender this policy.

Through his due diligence, Joe discovered that the surrender value of this policy was actually less than the accumulated premiums paid. And through his follow up with multiple departments over several days, it was agreed that an error had occurred resulting in new 1099Rs to be sent to Dad and to the IRS.

This will allow Dad to file an amended return which will result in a substantial refund of his 2019 taxes that he previously paid.

Our family is very thankful to have Joe DeMarco as a caring and dedicated field agent who took immediate action to get Dad’s 1099R issue resolved.

The Robert Wemple Family, Council #13153

Hi Joe
Just an update on my parents Gene & Pauline Slane.
My sister and I are moving them to Cleveland on Monday.
My husband and I will be back down later to arrange moving their belongings. I don't know for sure if my dad needs more money in the account.
Right now Janice and I are handling expenses.
Thanks for all you have done for our parents; you have been a blessing to our family.
Judi and Janice.
Judi Payne, Council #5629