State Deputy Special Report March 2020

Brother Knights:

We are in an unprecedented time of all of our lives. Maybe our parents, and our grandparents,  but none of us have been thru such a trying time. Our parents and the Knights of Columbus made it thru and so will WE!!

I have heard "oh!, we do not have to go to church" and" oh, we cannot go to church ". What area are you in? As the Right Hand of The Church in the Knights of Columbus, I hope you are all saying "How can we go to Church and to continue to be the leaders of our parish?"

It is quite simple..EWTN has two Masses a day plus many spiritual episodes thru out the day and many parishes are live streaming Masses on Sunday.I have even heard one Priest said he would do drive thru confessions. Our Priests are here with us.

Who do you think is benefiting from this...the devil....he is tempting everyone of you in the forty days in the desert. Will you sacrifice your soul for his treasure? I say nay!!

 It is time to make sure that your faith will prevail over him, and you and your family makes sure that you spend your extra time in prayer.

Everyone of you have a book of prayers and /or a Bible. Time to pull it out from under the coffee table and look in the pages....the devil hates this. Let us all work hard to pray the devil away from this curse.

As we put forth our first principle of Charity, remember those of our friends that are elderly or home alone. I ask everyone of you to call someone that you know that is elderly and you know would appreciate a call.....You know them....I do not...what is 10 minutes of your time making a lasting impression in someones life. That would be over 14, 000 calls. That is what Jesus would do!!!The devil hates this...let us drive out the devil from our lives.

To keep from sounding like a preacher.....on to other things.

I hope everyone of you are staying safe thru this ordeal and know that I pray for each of you daily. You are all my family!

I have asked Alan Halman, the State Secretary to start refunding your registration money this week so you should be getting refunds shortly.

More information will come out in the next couple days as I have a meeting Tuesday night with Supreme Reps and your State Officers.

I ask all of you to pray for all of your brother knights and their families and to make that one phone call to someone that YOU know would appreciate it.

We are in this together...we will survive!!

God Bless you all!!

Roy Anderle

State Deputy