Pro-Life Confernce Jan18/19


State Deputy, Officers, and Brothers,


Some updates on Culture of Life Issues


We have a great opportunity to stand and show our support for this years March for Life.  This Christmas make a gift of making a plan to come to Little Rock and be part of our States largest Pro-Life Event.  


It can be more than a one day event.  Come to the Hearts for Life Adult Pro-Life Conference on January 18 at 1:00 PM at the Little Rock St. John Center. If you do, you will hear me speak on Safe Haven Baby Boxes and the Knights of Columbus Ultrasound Initiative.  There will be other local speakers and National Speakers.  There is a cost of $20.00 per person for the Conference and you can spend the night and go to the conference for a total of $40.00 per person.  See attached flier.  


On the 19th of January come to the Eucharistic Procession for Life starting at 10:00 AM at the Doubletree Hotel in Little Rock.  A Eucharistic Procession is a powerful visual image of Jesus leading us on a walk with him for the sanctity of life.  From there go to the Mass for Life at the Statehouse Convention Center.  The Mass for Life starts at Noon.  As Catholics we know that every Mass is for life, for the salvation of us all.    This one is special because it is held just before the March for Life. (See Attached Fliers)


The March for Life starts at 1:30 PM by gathering behind the State Capital at the corner of Capital and Wolfe Streets.  Ryan Bomberger, the founder of Radiance Foundation ( will be the keynote speaker.


Our Diocese of Little Rock has done a great job of having Catholic Events to bring Catholics together to learn, worship, and support our Pro-Life stance in Arkansas.  They did this so we can come together and be part of this movement for Life. God created.  Why do men destroy.  Brothers make a stand.  Be present. Be seen. 


Dale Flamand, Life Director