2019 - 2020

Jon Keefer

2017 - 2018

Bernard Covino

Bernie Covino is a stalwart of our Council. He is the hardest worker (contributing the most hours), the most dependable and most knowledgeable member of our council. He serves as our Budget Chairman now and rebuilt the budget for review and approval at the January meeting. The uniqueness of this budget are the short, brief explanations of the line items so non-budget members can understand the use of the funds.

Bernie is our Scout representative working with the Scout Leaders, Kiwanis and the Parish administration to Charter the Cub Scout, Boy Scout and the new Adventure Scout programs. He worked the last year with these organizations to establish the Adventure Scouts opening a program of men and women from 18 to 21 to continue scouting in a more extreme program. This month the Scouts were playing Underwater Hockey at a local pool. It's a new program that keeps our young adults in contact with the Church and scouting.

Bernie was our Youth Director for thirty years and continues to support our new Youth Director in organizing and running the Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Program, Soccer Challenge and the Free Throw Championship.

Bernie led quarterly Boy Scout Boards of Review to evaluate the scouts for advancements. Bernie also mentor for the scouts in their development with the ultimate goal of them making Eagle Scout.
Bernie was our Youth Director for many years and continues to support our new Youth Director in organizing and running the Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Program, Soccer Challenge and the Free Throw Championship culminating at the end of the fraternal year with the Alter Server Appreciation dinner. He is present at each event and helps with his experience in running each event efficiently.

Bernie helped prepare the meals in support of the Parish picnic, Anniversary picnic and in support of the Law Enforcement Torch Run for the Special Olympics.

Bernie can be counted on to participate in event with regalia and leads the honor guard when the Color Guard Commander is not present. He orchestrated a Chalice Ceremony for a fallen Sir Knight. The first to be done by our council, bringing great comfort to the family.

Bernie has brought a lot of innovation to the council, such as our Team App that allows direct communications as well as sign up for events from our smartphones. He has been a Good mentor to all Knights based on his vast experience and leadership, having served as a Grand Knight, Financial Secretary, Faithful Navigator, Youth Director, Trustee, District Deputy, Ceremonials Chair, and Budget Chair.

Sir Knight Bernard S. Covino exemplifies the principals of the Knights of Columbus, Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism.

2016 - 2017

Jorge Lopez-Gonzalea

Jorge Lopez-Gonzalez is an outstanding Knight to represent our council. Jorge is a loving father and husband. He shares his love, faith and service with his family, church, and community. Jorge serves as our Outside Guard and Membership Director. He has been instrumental in building the trust between our Latino and Anglo communities. Jorge has recruited 8 of the 12 new Knights so far. He is a friendly and charitable man who has a smile on his face no matter what.

Jorge contributes his time and energy for a multitude of projects. He worked with the council for our Pan Cake breakfasts, working in the Kitchen as well as serving. He brought his son Diego so that he may spend time with him and he may learn the charity of the Knights of Columbus. Jorge noticed that the breakfast was served only to the Anglo community. He initiated and helped coordinate “Mercy Meals” to replace one of our Pancake Breakfasts with Chicken Fajitas dinners served after the Anglo masses and Latino Mass. He wanted to build trust between the two communities opening the door to bring men into the Knights. The results were the highest level of funds raised for any of our meals.

He carried this through for our Church Drive. Preparing a station to display our work and talking to men of both communities to introduce them to the charity of the Knights of Columbus. He worked tirelessly through the weekend recruiting 10 Knights.

Jorge helped with the Soccer Challenge bridging the divide between the Anglo and Latino communities. He met with each of the AYSO teams to bring their children to the challenge between games. The Soccer Challenge yielded more participants than ever before.

Jorge teaches religious education for the Latino community. He personally introduced our Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Contest into the religious education classes. His children won the contest for two years in a row as they were the only entries for their age groups. He saw a way to build a bridge by personally inviting each class to participate. Again, we had a great turn out yielding our highest participation level.

Jorge is a generous family man. He moved into a trailer while his home was to be remodeled. His wife’s family needed a place to live while they looked for employment and found a home for themselves. Jorge delayed the remodeling and remained in the trailer while giving his family his home to live in. His charity is boundless.

Jorge completed his journey to Knighthood by completing the Patriot Degree this November.
Jorge builds bridges and trust. He exemplifies service and charity. He is an outstanding representative of our Council and the Knights of Columbus Order.

2015 - 2016

Randy Martinak

Randy Martinak is a Knight worthy of high honors and recognitions. Randy is the most active member of Albany 1577 that makes himself available at Every Opportunity to lend a hand in humble service. Randy is a Sir Knight, distinguished veteran of the US Military who bravly served and protected our freedoms. Randy gives back time and talent to the many who have served and given the ultimate sacrifice to our nation. Randy donates hundreds of hours to the Linn County Memorial Association in Albany. Is always participating by coordinating community functions to honor all veterans of military service.

Randy opened up his home to host our 2015 Council Picnic.

Randy is a true Catholic gentleman in humble service to his parish. Offers his time and talents whenever asked. Randy is a lectur at mass, has served as a Eucharistic Minister, greeter, usher and has offered his life testimonies to many as he evangilizes his faith.

We are proud to honor Randy Martinak as 2015 Albany Council 1577 Knight of the Year

2014 - 2015

Bernard Covino

Congratulations to Bernie Covino
Albany Council 2014 Knight of the Year