Joe and Rick with Falls in Background

Perfect Day for a Council Hike!

Some four legged friends along the way

Alex receiving PGK Jacket

Mark Accepting 2020-2021 Columbian Award

PGK Dinner Socializing

Mark Receiving PGK Ribbon

Joe describing PGK Sash

St. Joseph Icon in front of Altar at Sacred Heart Church

Socializing at the Pizza Party

DGK Joe Marshall making Pizza

Socializing at the Pizza Party

Cooked Pizzas

Outdoor Nativity Removal Team

Removing Decorations from ARC Home after 2021 Christmas Season

Nativity Setup at Sacred Heart

Nativity Setup at Sacred Heart

Nativity Setup at Sacred Heart

Holly Removal

Holly Removal

Christmas Lights installed at ARC Homes

Lunch at Annual Golf Tourney

Celebrating a Great Day for Golf

Hikers at Leesylvania SP

Taking a rest stop at Leesylvania SP

A White Egret seen in Powell's Creek at Leesylvania SP

View from Lee's Wood Trail

DD installing new WGK

Knights and Guests listening at 2021 Officer Installation

Socializing after Officer Installation

Initial Construction of Parish Prayer Garden

Example Frame

Council Announcements


Membership and KOVAR Drives

May 14th - 22nd


Please wear your KOC shirt or badge to Mass over the next two weekends.  This weekend we will have a pulpit talk and hand out brochures and talk to parishioners interested in the Knights.  Next week we will celebrate our 36th anniversary and collect for KOVAR as well as continue to recruit new members.

Upcoming Council Events

About Our Council

Council Business Meeting Schedule

2nd Thursday of the month at Sacred Heart Church

Council Planning Meeting Schedule

4th Thursday of the month at Sacred Heart Church

Meetings Location

12975 Purcell Rd
Manassas, VA 20112 US

Council Officers