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Saturday, July 6, 2019

from 9:00 am 'til 10:15 am

Prep Time: 9:00 am -- Cleanup Time: 10:15 am

I had initially sent a text message but only heard back from about half - so trying Email this time. I will bring an Egg Casserole for Breakfast. My Phone Number is 502-649-2819. You can text me back, or email me..  


We will meet at 9am.  That way at least those planning to attend the Screwtape Letters by Fr. Jon, can at least attend the first half hour, get a bite, and get some information before leaving. 


And this way - everyone who wants to attend Saturday AM Mass, can do so too. 


And we can take a poll - to see which time fits best going forward.


So we will meet in the Library Room at 9:00 AM.


I will bring an Egg Casserole and some fruit.  In class, we will go over some basic principles of calorie management.  Where are the calories, what to avoid, and what to gravitate to and never be hungry.  Its pretty easy really - once you have the knowledge :) 





Anton MIranda

Tim Rogers

Jerry Gonsaski

Bill Hunter

Don Buckler

Sean Holley

Mike Koenig

Bill Moriarity

Len Hicks

Andy Pennington

Paul Willet

Dave Hurd

Mike Canady

Event Location
St Margaret Mary Catholic Community
7813 Shelbyville Road
Library Meeting Room
Louisville, KY  40222-5413 US