State Council History

The Arkansas Jurisdiction of the Knights of Columbus is dedicated in serving the Diocese of Little Rock, our Most Reverend Bishop Anthony Taylor, priests, parishes and seminarians. Our programs are family based to serve our church through our deeds and actions as Catholic families. Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism, the four pillars of our order, Arkansas Jurisdiction is committed to and stands by these pillars in our daily lives. Our Mariam Icon prayer program, the Running of the Rose, and our dedication to praying the rosary, gives testimony to our devotion to our Mother Mary mother of our Lord Jesus Christ. Knowing that through prayer, all is possible.

Our jurisdiction is made up of councils, districts, assemblies and squire circles which are growing rapidly. This is being made possible by the more than 7,300 plus Knights and families dedicated to serving our church through the order. We welcome all Brother Christians to take a look at our web page, see what activities we have, programs being established, and know what a powerful and spiritual organization we are.

Thank you for serving our Lord Jesus Christ in all you do. Pray for all those in need of spiritual, mental and bodily healing. Pray for our world, nation, church and jurisdiction. Pray for our families and friends, so they know who God is.

Welcome to the Knights of Columbus!